You've Been Accepted

GOOD MORNING TO ALL!  Today, I woke up to the BEST NEWS EVER. For the longest time, I've been wanting to study abroad, and of course, I would want to study abroad in Greece.  During this semester, I've been running back and forth, meeting with people to get all the forms that I need to be sent to Deree (The American College of Greece).  After having everything sent in last week (finally!), I received an e-mail this morning that I have been accepted into their school.  I couldn't be more happier! It's a dream come true.  ELLADA MOU, I'll be seeing you next semester (hopefully).

Now it's time to reminisce from this past (and other) summers to get me more excited: 

View from the plane - Hello Athens :) 
Me and my friend in Paros this past summer.
In Paros again...
Me and my cousin in MYKONNOOOSSS (2009) My hair is so long! Ha!
In front of the Karyiatides [Known to be the 6 most gorgeous girls in Greece, and just happen to be from the village my mom is from, Karyes, Lakonia]

Home is where the heart is - AND THIS IS IT.
I LOVE KARYES/ARAHOVA: Best place in the world.
We even have our own blog: check it out: http://karyes.blogspot.com

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