ZARA ` Evening Lookbook

And my obsession with Zara continues...

I'd be lying if I said I didn't want all of these.
Good thing Christmas is coming up :)


photos via zara.com


Sheer Streetstyle

Big trend on the street? SHEER fabrics [which I am obsesssed it!]


photos via various tumblrs


JAM SESSION: End of Time

Needless to say, Beyonce is beyond AMAZING.
And so is this song, and performance [/music video].
I love you Beyonce. 





Motivational Monday

Just a few fabulous things for a little motivation and inspiration for your Monday!

And to top it all off:
This song is still my jam- and it's even better in acapella. Thank you GaGa. 


photos via various tumblrs



Street Walking

Best part of looking through streetstyle photos? SHOES.

These lace ones are GORGEOUS!


photos via jakandjil.com and style.com



Natalia Bogdianova for Fashion Magazine
Ouu, the crisp colors, the fur, the blazers, the everything!
I'm even diggin' the hair!



OBSESSED ` These Balenciaga Shoes

The picture says it all. 

I can't even deal with how insane these are.
They are BAD-ASS.

Oh Santa.... ;)


photo via style.com
collage by me


TARA GILL ` Vogue Spain

So first and foremost, I do apologize for not blogging as often! Everything's been so crazy lately! I'm finally getting back into my schedule and back to blogging, so yay!

Now, let's look back to the month of October, Vogue Spain's editorial with Tara Gill is filled with snakeskin, coats, and textures. AH-MAZING.




HALLOWEEN ` Ohh Na Na...

Before we move on to the month of November, I MUST tell you about my Halloween costume [DIY, of course].  Last week, I knew I was going to dress up for Halloween, but I just could NOT think of what to be, then it just clicked. I thought to be one of my favorite artists: RIHANNA.

So then came the googling of what things I could make to be her for Halloween. Ideas were flowing from left to right, and then I came across the Tom Binns custom painted bikini outfit she wore in her Loud Tour.

AMAZING, right?

So off I went to Hobby Lobby to find what I needed. Two pounds of crystal beads, plastic beading, and other supplies I come home finding myself painting each and every bead to the exact color of Rihanna's bra. Yes, it took time, but to me, it was worth it.  The more and more I got into the project the more in-love I became with the bejeweled bra.

A little step-by-step process I went to via photographs:

...and the final product!

Other than the bra, I wore a striped blazer bought from NastyGal, the shorts are from American Apparel, and my booties are from Zara [go figure] !!! 

What's next for me? How I can wear this bra again, IN LOVE!
(and it's more amazing in person)

What do you think?
What was your Halloween costume?


photos via iPhone + instagram
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EYES WIDE SHUT ` Grazia UK [Oct 2011]

LOVE LOVE this editorial in Grazia UK's October issue.  The editorial description speaks for itself.

Model: Luize Salmgrieze
Photographer: Louis Christopher 

The blacks + the textures gives this editoral such a sexy feel. 

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