Oh, vintage.  I have such a love for you.  We all know trends always seem to make their way back somehow and we can thank vintage pieces for making those trends available to us! There's something always about vintage that seems to catch my eye everytime.  If you are going for a one-of-a-kind look, vintage is the way to go.  Even if it's with the smallest accessory, it can transform your outfit. Don't forget, in picking out vintage pieces, make sure the quality and the condition of the clothing is good! You don't want something that you wear once and slowly falls apart (check the stitching, lining, etc.)  Good sources for vintage pieces? An easy place to check is your mom's (and even grandmother's) closet! I know I've found some amazing pieces (thanks mom!) [Givenchy earrings, Christian Dior Belt, long maxi skirts, and the list keeps on going.).  And of course, go to your local vintage store and score some finds!

In the Charlotte, NC area?
Check out my favorite vintage store:


Accessories are everything to an outfit for me.  I tend to see an plain outfit as a "blank canvas" for accessorizing.  From statement necklaces, bold cocktail rings, to an amazing handbag, all of these can create a "blah" outfit to "wow".   Accessories can bring out the mini-stylist in you.  Make a change in your outfit, add a necklace! Pop in some color with a vibrant clutch! The more accessories, the better.  Why not? 


What girl doesn't love a pair of amazing shoes? Shoes are also an outfit changer. My shoe collection keeps on getting bigger and better by the season.  Splurge or no splurge on a pair of shoes, they are guaranteed to make your outfit great. Try mix-matching expensive shoes with a cheap dress, people would never be able to tell the difference of which was more expensive.  Time to start a piggy bank for some Louboutins or some Charlotte Olympias (and others, of course).So what are you waiting for? Go slip on a bomb pair of shoes you own, go out, and rock them.

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