Remember those days when you would go through your mother's closet and play dress up for hours? Yep, that was me and I haven't stopped.   I love finding things that catch my eye, getting amazing buys, and experimenting new things with fashion.  Not only do I love fashion, but I also have a love for design [graphic+interior] and art.  I'm currently a Graphic Design Major with an Art History minor, but I have a drive to do my best and manage all three someway, somehow.

Fashion, design and art have always been a love of mine.  No matter what, something has always caught my eye with those three.  I always knew I wanted to do something in the art field so, why not start now and share my love for it with everyone else with my blog, TalkingFashion.    I started TalkingFashion in October 2010, although I took a brief hiatus from February-August [due to study abroad; which was AMAZING!] I'm back home in Charlotte, NC and not planning on stopping!

Don't forget to check for daily your daily dosage of TalkingFashion!



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