STREETSTYLE Top Picks [10.29]

Top picks from this week!

Happy Friday! ;)


Halloween = SO MUCH FUN. As we all know, Heidi Klum hosts an annual Halloween party, and from my point of view, she always has the best costumes. Take a look.....

She's been some of your most "typical" Halloween costumes, but needless to say, she goes all out for her costumes and they look AMAZING!  My favorite? Top right, the Hindu Goddess, Kali!! Love ittt

What are you guys going to be for Halloween this year? 


En Vogue

 The Victoria's Secret Model, Alessandra Ambrosio, graces the cover of the December issue of the Japanese Vogue Nippon Magazine. There's nothing else to say but just one word for it: Stunning.


Introducing...STREETSTYLE` Top Picks

So I think I may start a little trend here on my blog.. I'm going to start to post on each Friday... STREETSTYLE.  One of my favorite things to do is to look at StreetStyle.  It inspires me for future outfits and I like to see how different people put different things together. So, here are some of my favorite picks this week..!

Photos are from StyleCaster.com



Another ad photo has leaked!! I'd DIE for the dress on the left!!

If you missed the first ad that leaked, check it out right here.
The fashion show for this line will be on November 18!! I'm so anxious to see what else is a part of te line!!!  Don't forget, it hits stores November 23! 


Miss Willow Smith

I just couldn't help myself and had to talk about lil Miss Willow Smith.  This 9-year-old girl has got to be the FIERCEST 9 year old EVER.  If you don't know already, she's the daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith.  She just released her new song "Whip My Hair." (Which I love, I think I probably played it about...10 times during my workout?)  Not only does she have singing skills and talent, but her wardrobe for her age is the BOMB.  Like, I don't even know how to explain exactly.  She rocks EVERYTHING she wears.  To me, she seems like a mini-Rihanna... What a lil' fashionista!!!

FYI: This is how I'm going to dress my daughter. Full of FIERCENESS.
You keep doing your thing Willow, whip your hair ;)

If you haven't seen Willow's video for "Whip My Hair"... Look at it now!! It's so good!
It will make you love her more.

Sew, What are you doing?


As I've said on my Twitter - in my 3D Design class, our current project has to do with Fibers.  We have to reconstruct a piece of clothing, but it still has to be wearable.  Well, I went through several sketches, and then finally came up with doing a feathered skirt with a bustier type top. I've worked on the sewing during the first work day in class and some last night. I've been posting several TwitPics on my twitter as my project keeps progressing.. but I thought I'd share them on here..  The more I work on it, the more I love it!!

Working on the stitching...

Me loving the skirt so far.. I can't wait to wear it!

What do you guys think about it so far?



FINALLY, an ad has been released for the new LANVIN+HM collaboration. Love it. 

Look here to see what the model, Natasha Poly, has to say about the line...

Collection hits stores November 23 - CAN'T WAIT. What are you going to buy?


Ms. Minter

For my 3D Design Project - we had to choose a contemporary artist and do a presentation on it.  I chose my artist to be the photographer, Marilyn Minter.  Her work is often includes sexuality and erotic type imagery.  I think her work is quite fabulous and intriguing. I would love to have a piece of hers in my house! Take a look...

The artist herself in her studio.

What do you think about her work?


For my Dad..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - ΧΡΟΝΙΑ ΠΟΛΛΑ to the best Dad ever!
Today is my wonderful Dad's birthday. He was born and raised in Greece (He is from Fidakia, Evrytania - Φιδακια, Ευρυτανια).  He came to the states a couple years after my mother when we was 12 years old.  He has given not only myself, but my whole family so many things and I couldn't be more thankful for him. I LOVE YOU DAD. 

Nice hair mom... ;)

Να τα εκατοστισεις μπαμπα! 

Oh so Coco.. Oh so chic..

Coco Rocha's apartment is simply amazing.
The model's apartment was featured in Vogue's APT with LSD: Coco Rocha.

^ Love the peacock accent to that piece! May have to remake it myself...
(I see a project coming up for me!) 

Coco said herself, "Every spot in this house as a story.  And James remembers everything, so he can tell you what is behind each and every item."  -- Love it.  Everything in her apartment is just fabulous.  The colors, the furniture, the decor, simply everything is perfect.  
Read the article your self right here


Only Girl in the World

I can easily say that my #1 style icon is RIHANNA.  There isn't one thing I've seen her wear that I do not obsess with, or adore with.  It's so edgy, eclectic, yet she has a classy side to her too.  One of my favorite pieces is (featured in the collage below) the amazing white Derek Lam suit paired up with the leopard top. Amazing. If I could pick any girl to raid their closet, Rihanna would be the only one girl in the world I would choose... ;) 

Check out her new video for Only Girl In the World... (My favorite jam)


Do you have the "ELLEments" of style?

This is going to be a new book on my bookshelf very soon. ELLE's Creative Director, Mr. Joe Zee released a book called "The ELLEments of Personal Style."  It was released today at all bookstores.  Mr. Zee picked 25 modern fashion icons and put them into one book with how each individual has defined their personal style. Each celebrity has an in-depth description with how their style slowly becamed defined as their own. Some of the fashionistas  mentioned in the book are Fergie, Dita VonTeese, and Alicia Keys. This is definitely a good purchase to make ASAP- it's bound to be fabulous.  Sign up for ELLE's ELLEments of Personal Style Sweepstakes to get a copy signed by Mr. Joe Zee himself! Don't miss out!

Check out this video with Joe Zee talking about his book:

Shopping Closets

Well where do i start? Oh, I know! I bought 5 amazing items today for $150!! I got some amazing deals on some fabulous things.  A friend of mine was cleaning out her closet and invited my sister and I to come by her house and look through her things she was selling.  And how could I leave the place without buying a thing...or five? I'm obsessed with everything that I bought! Take a look...

My sister and I bought two dresses, a top, a vest, and a jacket - LOVE THEM ALL.
If people know me, they know that my obsession are BLAZERS.
H&M Dress from the Party Collection '09 (YES, I'm obsessed with it)
Cute, simple LBD - So cute.
Love this shirt - Rihanna wore something similar, but in a dress. ;)

Last, but certainly not least..

I was so excited about it that I wore it while I was working on my Digital Media project.

Man, oh man, do I love clothes. (Especially when I find good deals, don't you?)


You've Been Accepted

GOOD MORNING TO ALL!  Today, I woke up to the BEST NEWS EVER. For the longest time, I've been wanting to study abroad, and of course, I would want to study abroad in Greece.  During this semester, I've been running back and forth, meeting with people to get all the forms that I need to be sent to Deree (The American College of Greece).  After having everything sent in last week (finally!), I received an e-mail this morning that I have been accepted into their school.  I couldn't be more happier! It's a dream come true.  ELLADA MOU, I'll be seeing you next semester (hopefully).

Now it's time to reminisce from this past (and other) summers to get me more excited: 

View from the plane - Hello Athens :) 
Me and my friend in Paros this past summer.
In Paros again...
Me and my cousin in MYKONNOOOSSS (2009) My hair is so long! Ha!
In front of the Karyiatides [Known to be the 6 most gorgeous girls in Greece, and just happen to be from the village my mom is from, Karyes, Lakonia]

Home is where the heart is - AND THIS IS IT.
I LOVE KARYES/ARAHOVA: Best place in the world.
We even have our own blog: check it out: http://karyes.blogspot.com

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