Shopping Closets

Well where do i start? Oh, I know! I bought 5 amazing items today for $150!! I got some amazing deals on some fabulous things.  A friend of mine was cleaning out her closet and invited my sister and I to come by her house and look through her things she was selling.  And how could I leave the place without buying a thing...or five? I'm obsessed with everything that I bought! Take a look...

My sister and I bought two dresses, a top, a vest, and a jacket - LOVE THEM ALL.
If people know me, they know that my obsession are BLAZERS.
H&M Dress from the Party Collection '09 (YES, I'm obsessed with it)
Cute, simple LBD - So cute.
Love this shirt - Rihanna wore something similar, but in a dress. ;)

Last, but certainly not least..

I was so excited about it that I wore it while I was working on my Digital Media project.

Man, oh man, do I love clothes. (Especially when I find good deals, don't you?)

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