There isn't much fashion-talking in this post, but I just had to talk about it though! So here in the lovely Queen City (Charlotte, NC) - There are so many little places here and there to grab a bite to eat. The Plaza-Midwood area an artsy part of town.  It's known for small restaurants that have amazing food.  You can spot out vintage and consignment shops to go to as well.  One of the best vintage stores in Charlotte is located here, Hong Kong Vintage Store (which I'll be making a stop at some point this week). Anyways, in this area, there's a little restaurant called Soul.  It's a tapas restaurant and it's AMAZING! You can choose from Greek food, sushi, and many more delicious plates to choose from. So if you are ever in the Charlotte area, you DEFINITELY need to come here.  Needless to say, I was "soul-full" after my meal at Soul.  

 Tuna Sashimi Tacos (soooo good)
Lamb Lollipops 

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